Howie Morrison


New channel, new adventures, new locations with the familiar humour & sharp eye skills for spotting animals to knocking them down!

Howie has been the face of our very popular program “Hunting Aotearoa” for seven series and has developed a huge rapport with hunters throughout New Zealand.

Australia and neighbouring Pacific Island groups like Niue, Fiji, Samoa and Hawaii have also tuned in to Howie’s on screen performance over the years making Hunting Aotearoa a regular household programme.

4 years down the track and Howie is back in action bringing his friendly and cheeky personality back to the screen and on a new channel “Choice TV” 

Howie has also added an extra element strumming up some friendly tunes to wrap up each show. It’s what he also loves doing best “entertaining”.

Entertainer and broadcaster Howie Morrison Jnr was born and raised in Rotorua and still lives there. He was 7 years old when his entertainer father, the late Sir Howard Morrison, took him on his first hunt near Rotorua. When his dad was performing overseas, Morrison stayed with an aunt and uncle who would get him out hunting most weekends. These days, he prefers pig hunting – “It’s a challenge with the pig and the dog and the mud” – but admits, with a laugh, he has “climbed many a tree” when faced with an angry tusker.

Kapa haka performance as well as hunting have been big parts of Morrison’s life, right through the years he worked in a joinery factory, on a farm, and in jobs such as tree pruner, scaffolder, painter – rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist in his dad’s band, the Howard Morrison Quartet. 

Throughout this new series of Hunting Aotearoa Howie has travelled to many places around the country catching up with new friends as they show off some of their magic spots they enjoy hunting on every week. 

Howie also takes a quick trip to the Island of Niue in search of wild pigs, a place in need of culling, a show well worth watching!

Don’t forget to tune in on Choice TV 18th May through to the 10th August Wednesdays at 930pm.

As Howie always says “CHOICE”


Hikoi Productions

Managing Director of Hikoi NZ Ltd, Piripi Curtis joined his brother Richard, a seasoned cameraman with over 20 years experience to form the company. The brothers share an interest in hunting, so through Richard's television contacts, the two went on the pitch a hunting show to Maori Television an indigenous television network in New Zealand and well the rest is history. Eleven years on Hunting Aotearoa continues to be one of the highest rating shows on Maori Television, enjoying a wide viewership throughout New Zealand. Hikoi operates from the geothermal tourist city of Rotorua.
"Na to rourou, na taku rourou, Ka ora ai te iwi" - With your food basket and my food basket the people will thrive" Whakatauki (Maori proverb)

Production Personnel

Piripi Curtis - Managing Director
Jo Curtis - Production Manager

Pete Peeti - Assistant Producer
Howie Morrison - Presenter
Rawiri Waru - Narrator
Richard Curtis - Cameraman

Rodger Cunningham - Music / Audio Post

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